Carlos Edwar Osorio

Lawyer of the University of Caldas. During his stay as a student of the Faculty of Law, he was elected student representative of the faculty before the CEUC - Student Council of the University of Caldas-

José Andrés Arocena

After high school, he graduated from the School of Winemaking (UTU, in the Colorado area, Department of Canelones) in 1986 and worked in Vitícola Uruguaya and Bodega La Cruz.

In 2003, he was in charge of sales and technical service for the sawmills Wood Mizer, of the company Spezial S.A.

FHe was the founder and first president of the Grupo Creadaderos of Florida; He has been a member of the Board of Uruguayan Federation of Crea- Fucrea Group; Member of the MEVIR LA CRUZ Commission and founder of the Florida Chamber of Tourism.

Jorge Suárez Cáceres

He is a Puerto Rican politician and senator. He has been a member of the Puerto Rico Senate since 2006.

Suárez studied at the Eugenio Brac Elementary School in Naguabo, and finished his studies in his native city of Humacao, in the schools of San Benito and San Antonio Abad, where he graduated in 1994. Suárez obtained his bachelor's degree in Political Science from the Interamerican University Of Puerto Rico Metropolitan Campus, where he graduated Cum Laude.

Gabriel Soto Martínez

Honorable Deputy of the Republic of Panama, Circuit 8-1, District of Arraiján period 2014-2019, part of the team of the elected President Juan Carlos Varela.

Francisco Rozas Escalante

Peruvian magistrate, currently Superior Judge and presides over a Superior Criminal Court in Lima. He has held the position of Supreme Judge and President of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima North. He is a Magister in Law and University Teaching, Professor in the Universities of San Antonio de Abad of Cusco, and Garcilaso de la Vega de Lima.. 

Antonia Mercedes Torres Viteri

Doctor in Education, Cumulative performance index: 18.64 points, outstanding category in the range of zero (0) to twenty (20) points. University of Carabobo, Valencia, Carabobo State, December 2011.

Master in Advanced Management of Education. Index of accumulated yield: Twenty (20) points, outstanding category in scale between zero (0) and twenty (20) points. University of Carabobo, Valencia, Carabobo State, December 2003.

Antônio Cerqueira

He is an Attorney for Military Justice in the State of Ceará, Brazil.
Master's Degree in Law from the Federal University of Ceará.
Specialization in Criminal Procedure by the University of Fortaleza.

Alex Iván Arévalo Salinas

Doctor in International Studies of Peace, Conflicts and Development of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón (Spain).

Researcher of the Interuniversity Institute of Social Development and Peace (IUDESP) of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón (Spain).

Luis Antonio Ortiz Hernández

Lawyer specializing in Criminal Law from the Universidad Santa María de Venezuela. Postgraduate in Criminal Law and Penitentiary System at the University of Salamanca, Spain.

Expert in International Humanitarian Law at the International Red Cross. Magister in Criminal Law and Doctor in Constitutional Law of the Universidad Santa María. Doctor in Human Rights and Criminal Law of the Center for Higher University Studies. Master's and Doctorate in Law and International Relations at Preston University.


Julio César Pineda

Abogado y Doctor en Derecho y Relaciones Internacionales.

Diplomático de carrera por más de 30 años, ejerciendo como Embajador de Venezuela en Libia, Corea del Norte y Kuwait.
Miembro del Parlamento Internacional por la Seguridad y la Paz.
Conferencista, profesor y escritor. Conductor del Programa de televisión “Brújula Internacional” transmitido diariamente por el canal de noticias Globovisión.