Day 2: Spaces for a sustainable future within a corporate vision

Guatemala - Tuesday, 02/10/2018

The CUMIPAZ 2018 presents the Session of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Sustainable Development.

CUMIPAZ 2018: Sustainable cities, present and future of humanity

Guatemala - Monday, 01/10/2018

Focus groups on sustainable development in Guatemala, Chile and Russia were exposed at the Science for Life Session.

Science and technology tools for sustainable development

Guatemala - Monday, 01/10/2018

Food safety and nanotechnology were the conferences that were presented at the Science Session during CUMIPAZ Guatemala 2018.

Freudenthal: Peace can be reached with innovative solutions

Guatemala - Monday, 01/10/2018

New alternatives in the area of technological innovation which allows the solution of health problem that affects society.

Scientific and ancestral advances for the health of humanity

Guatemala - Monday, 01/10/2018

A space for dialogue where ancestral knowledge, scientific, technological and innovative research was presented.

Qualitative methodology: intelligence to maintain life

Guatemala - Monday, 01/10/2018

Juan Antonio López Benedí, Spanish researcher and philosopher, poses dreams as a methodology to preserve the life of the human being

Energy connectivity: An instrument of peace in individuals

Guatemala - Monday, 01/10/2018

Rollin McCraty, Director of Research HeartMath Institute, USA, spoke on Energy Connectivity in CUMIPAZ 2018.

The Peace Integration Summit has initiated

Guatemala - Monday, 01/10/2018

Authorities, scientists and professionals in environmental management present proposals in the Science Session during CUMIPAZ Guatemala 2018.

Soto: "The health of the human being is linked to the health of Mother Earth"

Guatemala - Monday, 01/10/2018

The President of the EMAP and director of the CUMIPAZ, William Soto, presented his vision on the actions necessary to preserve life.