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Spain | access_time October 01 2013
| access_time September 20 2013
Mexico | access_time September 20 2013
This project will help prevent situations of violence and discrimination that may occur as part of the national reality of Mexico, strengthening through education the transmission of values and...
Mexico | access_time September 19 2013
Distinguished senators, deputies, diplomats, professors, and teachers: Where did the Holocaust originate? In the mind of Hitler and his collaborators. It is in the mind where ideas emerge that...
| access_time September 10 2013
—Lisa Zajac Novera, Holocaust survivor— “In the future, my legacy… when I am asked what my legacy is... Well, my legacy is to say ‘no’ to any kind of totalitarianism regime,...
Argentina | access_time September 10 2013
Presidente ejecuivo
| access_time August 27 2013
San Salvador - August 2013
“The story of Mr. Pierre, like that of other survivors of different genocides, should not be regarded as a simple tragic event of the past, but as the latent testimony of a living story filled with...
El Salvador | access_time August 26 2013
We must always bear in mind that the victims of the Nazi regime during World War II were not only 6 million Jews, other groups were also persecuted and killed, including Jehovah's Witnesses,...
On August 21, 2013, the commemorative plaque in honor of the victims and survivors of the Holocaust made its ninth stop at Universidad del Caribe located in Howard. This is the third university to...