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| access_time September 13 2014
HOLOCAUST The Holocaust or Shoah was the systematic murder and bureaucratically organized genocide of more than 20 million people in Europe, committed by the Nazi regime and...
Mexico | access_time March 04 2014
March 4, 2014 Traces to Remember is a project of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace. It has been carried out in many countries, and many educational, diplomatic and government...
| access_time February 23 2014
| access_time February 23 2014
"Appreciate freedom; it is the only thing that can give you strength to keep living." "I thank God that I am still able to remember because not everyone is that fortunate".   
Traces to Remember A project created though the initiative of Peace Activist, Dr. William Soto, with the objective of leaving a worldwide legacy of survival to future generations; rescuing...
| access_time December 28 2013
| access_time August 27 2013
San Salvador - August 2013
Regina Engelberg
Colombia | access_time May 30 2013
Valparaiso, Chile National Congress of the Republic of Chile