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The GEAP presented the Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development program that will be developed at CUMIPAZ 2017.
The event was attended by students and teachers from the Faculty of Legal, Social, and Political Sciences, among others.
The collaboration agreement between the GEAP and the Jilotepec City Hall, covers the health, environment, cultural, and educational field.
More than 200 people attended the Forum "Human Dignity, Presumption of Innocence and Human Rights" organized by the GEAP.
Mexico | access_time February 16 2017
The GEAP developed in Baja California the Encounter of Youth Leaders for Peace, where youth leaders, professors, and students attended.
Signing of a collaboration agreement between the The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace and the president of the municipality of Reformas de Chiapas.
Mexico | access_time January 15 2017
In Torreon, Coahuila, representatives of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Mexico and the directors of the Santos Laguna Club, gathered in the installations of...
The Governors chamber at the Government Palace in Zacatecas, important and distinguished place because of its history in political power, was the location where the Global Embassy of Activists for...
Mexico | access_time March 23 2016
Authorities of the Commission of Human Rights of the state of Mexico (Codhem), sign an agreement with the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, for the joint support of the projects and campaigns...