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The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace launches the International Program: "Justice: The Foundation of Integral Peace and Happiness", in Bogotá, Colombia
International | access_time September 21 2018
The GEAP celebrates with its activists the International Day of Peace, highlighting the international work for the integral peace of humanity.
Dominican Republic | access_time August 29 2018
Representatives of GEAP and PARLACEN signed the agreement with the aim of establishing a relationship between the parties for mutual cooperation
Young people participated in two parallel tables to socialize the basic principles of composition and frequency 432 Hz, frequency of peace.
On the second day of activities, youths gathered in São Paulo,  and through different workshops they were sensitized on the power of music.
The 1st National Encounter of the World Youth Movement in Brazil finalized its first day of activities between theory and practical dynamics.
Launching of an educational and social intervention project designed to train, form and orient young people as integral transformational leaders.
The event was organized by the GEAP and the National Chamber of Commerce Service and Tourism (Canaco Servytur).
At the Ibero-American Summit, activists for peace installed two informative modules to present GEAP programs.
  More than 200 people attend the National Judicial Forum in Mexico: Human Dignity, Presumption of Innocence and Human Rights.
  4,000 students attended the twenty-ninth (29) Meeting of Youth Leaders for Peace organized by the GEAP.